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Quality Fun:  Why Choosing a High-Quality Pool Table is Worth the Cost

Generally speaking, pool tables aren't exactly an affordable purchase. This might tempt you to compensate by getting the cheapest one you can find, but let's just think things through from all angles before that thought enters your mind. Not only are they much more prone to wear and tear, it's also quite difficult to execute complex maneuvers on them, which will hold you back in terms of skill and progression.

How much can you expect to pay for a decent pool table?

You've probably heard the saying that more or less, you get what you pay for, and it's no less true when it comes to selecting a pool table. After all, the materials, its size, and the style of the table all play a role when determining its price. In broad terms, you can expect to pay anything from $1000 to $25,000.

Truth be told, you probably don't really need the features that come with the pool tables that cost $4,000 or more, and you can still make your purchase very cost-effective, even if that means not getting the cheapest one. In fact, wisely picking one of the best pool tables under $2000 is more than enough if you're looking for a good balance between price and quality.

In order to make a wise decision, here are what you should be looking for when buying a new pool table:

Number of pieces

The more expensive the table, the more pieces it's made of. That way, they're much more stable, and you can comfortably lean on them without the fear of causing damage to them and make them become wobbly.


The thicker the slate, the better, since thicker slates usually provide a much more even space to play on.


Try to look for solid wood instead of particle board or plywood. Overall, the frame has the function of making the whole table stronger, and ideally, it should be able to take as much as 500 pounds without problems. Solid wood frames have another advantage: they have an efficient screw holding capacity. Single frames are better than overlapping frame pieces, which often get in the way and touch the table.


The rails should also be made of solid wood, allowing you to replace the cloth without issues when the time comes. Quality rails won't chip or become unsuitable for re-gluing when replacing the rubber cushion. Cheaper rails may very well render the table unusable after some time.


The legs should have solid construction, since the whole weight of the table is going to rest on them. Tables with four legs usually tend to be strong enough, but if you're getting one with two legs, make sure they're framed to the table with solid wood so there won't be any problems with the table's rigidity.


Ideally, the cloth should be made of nylon (cca 20%) and wool (thickness should not exceed 20 oz).


Even though buying a good table requires some money, you need to keep in mind this is a one-time investment that's going to serve you for years to come. It's better to pay a little bit more and ensure a hassle-free experience, than having to deal with headaches and costly repairs after your table has served you only for a couple of years.

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