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Impacts of Cycling on Health

Cycling is the favorite among other sports. No wonder: Whether on the way to work or on an extended weekend getaway: We kick-start the spring. The advantages of cycling provide a lot more reasons to swing on the wire. Step into the pedals, breathe deeply, feel the fresh air in the lungs, continue cycling, exhale. Sports such as walking, jogging or cycling are the best things we can do for our respiratory organs. The lung is evenly filled with oxygen, which strengthens the breathing muscles. This protects us against a cold and can even relieve asthma.

About 400 calories are consumed during an hour of cycling (at 60 kg body weight and about 18 km / h). Advantage of such a tempo in the so-called aerobic area: It activates particularly well our fat burning. Because it needs oxygen. If, on the other hand, wants to lose weight quickly, it is best to use an interval training more often. On the road, give three times for five minutes each. Then continue at a moderate pace. Thus, the calorie consumption increases - in absolute terms. That makes you slim.

From 9 am to 5 pm on the office chair, then on the couch - our everyday life is often monotonous for the joints. So just take a bike to work. The auricular cartilage - for example, the knee - provides better oxygen and nutrients for of ten minutes, which can help prevent arthritis. By weighing the greatest weight on the saddle, we also spare the joints - if we choose an easy gear, an advantage over sports like jogging.

Our heart works through regular biking more efficiently and is so relieved. The best effect is achieved from a tour of at least 30 minutes. The best five times a week, the World Health Organization recommends. This can reduce myocardial risk by 50 percent. And for that you do not have to biking until you drop. Also trips at 15 km / h bring the circuit properly into swing.

Cycling also trains the agility and our responsiveness. We ride on sand and gravel, then on roads, turn around curves, stomp uphill or downhill. Because head and body must react quickly and focus on new situations.

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