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Country Clubs in the 21st Century

Country clubs first became popular as an institution in the United States in the 1880s. In contrast to athletic clubs, which were places where an urban professional might drop by for a game of squash followed by a drink with friends, country clubs focused on providing members and their families with access to leisure time activities like swimming, horseback riding and golf that require an outdoor setting.

Many country clubs have first-class restaurants and wine cellars on premise. They are the social hubs of their communities, and places where special occasions like anniversaries, graduations and job promotions are celebrated. A contemporary Scottsdale country club will provide you with access to traditional country club activities, but it will also offer exciting new amenities.

The Changing Face of Country Clubs

While once upon a time, country club membership was restricted to men, today’s country clubs welcome members of both sexes. Country clubs may offer one of the few real-life environments outside of work where adults can make new acquaintances. In addition to providing members with golf links and swimming pools, many country clubs offer spa-like amenities such as gyms, yoga classes and personal training.

Membership Requirements

Membership requirements differ from country club to country club. Many clubs continue to require an initial initiation fee in addition to annual dues. Increasingly, however, country clubs that cater to individuals and families outside the executive class are waiving initiation feels. Some country clubs may expect members to spend a certain amount on food and other amenities each month.

Country clubs prefer to accept new members on the basis of a recommendations from someone who already belongs to the country club. Your sponsor may have to write a letter of recommendation describing why you’d be a good asset to the club. Some country clubs will require a credit check to help ensure that you’re in a financial position to pay the required dues.

Most clubs offer various tiers of membership. A full membership may entitle you to unrestricted access to the club’s grounds and amenities while a supporting membership may only give you access to the golf courses on certain days.

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